Monday, September 3, 2012

New Obsession: Skulls♥

I feel a little crazy saying I'm 'obsessed' with skulls when I only own one item with a skull on it, but whatever. I'm allowed to say I have an obsession with random crap, even if I don't, because this is my blog mwhahaha. Anywho, there are multiple genres of skulls. Some of my favorite groups include soft grunge/pastel skulls,  funky skulls, and artsy skulls. My personal favorite are the ones that fall under the soft grunge category. Let me show you what I mean...

 Soft Grunge:

If you think the one on the left looks familiar, that's because it's a print found on an oh so gorgeous shirt from Urban Outfitters. I am proud to say this shirt is what ignited my 'obsession'. The skull is made up of tiny lavender flowers with soft green leaves. The print on the left officially captured my heart when I found it about two seconds ago. It's perfection. You can also buy a phone case with this print on it as this website. I'm actually drooling over this case now. Holy crap, it's perfect. Can I just decorate my entire room with this picture? I think I will once I decide to stop being broke.

These are pretty much just Day of The Dead Skulls and any other tribal designs. That just reminded me how much I want to go draw Day of the Dead Skulls now. Oh my god, must. resist. urge. Anyways, just weird, crazy ass patterns plop into this category. You know, the oddballs, the leftovers, the outcasts. 

Artsy skulls are exactly what they would seem to be. Art. Any artwork that's extremely unique and out of this box lands into this genre. Bright watercolors, simple black and white patterns that are funky, but don't have the color to actually be funky. This also includes any magazine/newspaper prints or collages. 

So this is my new obsession. Now I'm gonna go and do something utterly pointless with my life, but while I do that, you should try and make up for my laziness. Go for a jog, find the cure for the common cold, study for the SATs, or you can be a low life loser and create a blog. Whatever you do, have a great day! 

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