Friday, August 17, 2012

Pasta Parties and Future Car Washes Filled with Dread

So I just got home from a pasta party about an hour and a half ago. I just want to say, I hate extra curricular activity parties. This one was for my newly formed high school volleyball team and I just feel like they're so awkward. I hate how parents send us into the basement like we're still in preschool and we're all expected to become best friends by the time we resurface for dinner. Just so you know, that's not how friendships are formed. Luckily, two of my good friends are also on my team so we lonered it up in the back corner.

Another reason I can't stand potluck parties is because the food sucks. I've grown up in a family that always has a full on dinner every single night prepared by my very talented mother. She cooks the most amazing food I have ever eaten that wasn't prepared in a restaurant (most of the time it's even better than restaurant food). She makes us delicious Indian cuisine to yummy beef stew served with creamy, light, mashed potatoes; Nobody's cooking compares to her. So the whole point of that was, I have pretty high standards when it comes to foods, and tonight these standards were not met. The baked ziti was about as flavorful as dirt, but had the consistency of soggy bread. The dessert on the other hand was to die for. Well not that good, but it was like heaven when compared to the main courses. I had three gooey chocolate chip cookies and a fluffy vanilla cupcake smothered in chocolate icing. Before you go and think "Damn this chick is a fatass", I rarely eat junk food and I have difficult time consuming more than 1200 calories a day without feeling guilty, so today was my splurge.

Anyways, tomorrow is going to be yet another awkward volleyball meet up. I have to get up nice and early and head over to Sears in order to wash cars while it threatens to pour on us. Not my ideal Saturday. I also get to enjoy the comforts of car soap irritating my skin for three hours. Yay...

Maybe your Friday night was a little more pleasant and hopefully your Saturday mornings are as well.

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